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Solent MS Therapy Centre

We’re very pleased to have Ted, Sandra, Kay and Katie all well-qualified physiotherapists working with us. They can help people with MS improve and ease movement. Preventative therapy is encouraged early to prevent disabilities. Treatment programmes are tailored to individuals.  The centre is well equipped with clean, bright private rooms.

Andrew is our osteopath who works to improve MS patients mobility and their ability to cope with and adapt to restrictions. Andrew works with  the musculo-skeletal system and intestines.  Cranial osteopathy can also be used to relieve restrictions with movement of the cranial bones, the brain and its nutrition.

Audrey, our reflexologist, uses pressure on the various zones of the feet to promote cleansing and decongestion while encouraging balance and readjustment to the natural energies of the body- so benefiting the whole person.  Audrey, whilst working can help those who lack energy or have muscular problems aggravated by stress.

“The Centre we offer a range of holistic treatments to encourage healing in mind, body and spirit”

You sit in the chamber while air is pumped in. Then you put on the mask and breathe pure oxygen. Simple!

“I can only recommend that you give oxygen therapy a try I’ve been attending for over 15 years and I’m still mobile”  Gerry

Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment, to give its full title, is a simple, drug-free technique aimed at reducing the inflammation in the nervous system around MS attack sites.  By increasing the the amount of oxygen available to the body, assists and speeds natural repair to take place.  This technique is now widely used in countries all over the world to alleviate a range of conditions, including MS.

Wearing a mask and breathing pure oxygen in a special multi-place chamber, in company with other people, conditions are warm and dry, you can read or listen to music.  Therapy has never been such a relaxing, straightforward and pleasant experience!

Hyperbaric Oxygen is safe - with over 2.3 million hours of treatment undertaken in the UK without incident, since the early 1980’s.

Although primarily here to support people with MS, we are also delighted to help anyone who has a neurological or other medical condition which they feel would be of benefit.

Oxygen Therapy

A view inside the HBO chamber

A nice place to spend a quiet hour reading of listening to the radio through headphones!

Physiotherapy Osteopathy Reflexology Aromatherapy

This is the ancient art of healing and soothing through essential oils, each oil possessing unique healing qualities.  These oils are used in a variety of ways, particularly in massage, helping to bring relief and healing to specific conditions from headache or depression to problems with the skin, muscles and nervous system.


Simon, our experienced Zen Shiatsu therapist mixes massage, stretches and mobilisations with acupressure. Ancient bodywork from China and Japan is complemented by modern western techniques including some of those used in physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic. According to the receiver's age and mental and physical condition, a Shiatsu therapy will range from gentle, calming and tonifying to dynamic and dispersing.  A shiatsu treatment will generally be around an hour long and supplemented by advice on self-managed follow up, including diet and exercise.

Action Potential Stimulation is a micro current electrical therapy that is widely used across Europe, but not currently by the N.H.S.

By sending a 5 millionth of an amp signal through the pain receptors of an injured area it can help promote healing and  ease the pain.

APS - click here for infographics

We have equipment available to use. Shapemaster toning table, Thera trainer exercise bike and a vibration training machine.